Designed and manufactured to work with our Polyester Woven Strap to provide the best joint efficiency.

380 3/4"  Ratchet Tool w/Cutter

Tensions and cuts straps 3/4" and smaller.

H26 1"  Ratchet Tool w/Cutter

Tensions and cuts straps 3/4" and smaller.

370 3/4" Ratchet Tool w/Cutter

This tool tensions and cuts straps 3/4"

and smaller.

  • Small for 3/4" yellow or orange strap, 
  • Medium for 1" yellow strap
  • Large for 1 1/2" yellow strap


Small               Medium                    Large

Hand Manual Tool

The manual tool can be used with any size strap and provides the same tensioning as ratchet tools.  Great for tightening strap on a smaller surface.  Requires knife or scissors to cut.

The Alternative to Steel Strapping

Strap & Wrap offers a complete load containment system comprised of polyester woven strap, steel buckles, tensioning tools and dispensers.

Strap and buckles are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to meet your transportation needs. Dispensers can be hand-held, fork lift mounted, or wheeled carts.

The pictures below show how easy the procedures are for strapping a load from start to finish and ready to put on truck.