Sensitive wood damage is greatly reduced which results in minimal product waste.  Our polyester woven strapping is cost effective and a safe alternative to steel banding and has been designed for  lumber and truss applications. 


Strapping systems are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to meet your containment needs.

Disposability - Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly by offering companies to participate in recycling their packaging waste and disposal costs.  Our Gentle Giant strap is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of by simply tossing in your recycle bin.   It is easy, practical, and economical way to fulfill your environmental safeguarding objectives.

Cost Effective


O.S.B and Dimensional Lumber

The Gentle Giant Lumber Strap is designed for the large and heavy loads of lumber.  The strength, elasticity and memory provide a safe and secure shipping environment.

The Alternative to Steel Strapping

Sharp edges don't exist.  This safeguards your employees and customers from serious injuries.  Our Gentle Giant system is tested and proven to dramatically reduce the potential for damage to products and eliminate personal injury. 

Strap and Wrap


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Our 3/4" Truss Strap was designed specifically to meet the flexing needs of trusses.  Whether you are strapping 85' trusses or two trusses, our leverage tool will apply all the tension necessary.  Tool repairs are practically eliminated and dangerous steel strapping is not left at the drop site.

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