‚ÄčPolyester Woven Strap

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The Alternative to Steel Strapping

Forklift Dispenser (FLD) is mountable and offers space for holding tools and buckles. 

Hand Held Dispenser (TH-91)

Inexpensive and portable on the job site.  Works with 3/4" strap and smaller.  Excellent for numerous banding stations.

We have universal products which can be used with Trusses, OSB, Fencing, Posts, Components, Sheeting & Lumber.  Go to Catalog for a complete list of products.  Please call for more information on the size strap needed for your application.

Heavy Duty Dispenser w/Adaptor (TAC-1 HD)  Holds any size strap.  Adaptor allows storage of additional strap.

Strap and Wrap's "Gentle Giant" is a tightly woven polyester strapping that is replacing steel banding throughout the country. Our strap is gentle on the user and on the load you are securing and will effectively contain your Lumber, OSB, Trusses, Components, and other building products. Elasticity and memory are built into the strap to absorb the shock and remain tensioned during delivery here.

American Association of Railroads (AAR) approved strapping systems are also available for rail car and truck load containment.

All polyester woven strap is Made in America.